Do you love Aware Parenting?


Perhaps you find yourself wanting to share it with all your friends, and the parents you see out and about?


Do you really want to help Aware Parenting spread to more and more people?


And maybe sharing Aware Parenting with other parents is something that's really meaningful for you?


Do you want to help other parents feel the relief that you felt when you found out that feelings are our friends rather than things to be feared?


Do you want to use all you've learnt in your Aware Parenting journey to help other parents?


Do you want to help parents see that there really is a third option with their babies' sleeping?


Do you want want to make a difference to the lives of babies and children - and to know that there is yet another child in the world who is being deeply heard and understood?


Do you want to help co-create a new world, where parenting is valued, parents are supported, and children stay connected with their true, aware, selves?


Do you want to share the understanding that there really is no such thing as misbehaviour; and to give parents tangible and effective alternatives?


Do you want to contribute to families so that they experience more joy, more connection, more authenticity, and more love?

I've been passionate about Aware Parenting since my daughter was a small baby, 14 years ago.


When she was a few months old, I sat outside a mothers' group, and cried.


I was longing to know other mothers who were listening to their babies' feelings.


In that moment, my longing became my vision.


My vision is of a world where parents have the knowledge, support and encouragement they need so that they can listen to their babies' feelings.


Where babies are never left alone to cry.


Where children are never punished, shamed, sent away, or seen as naughty or misbehaving.


Where teens are supported in their own journey, and have no need to rebel or run away.


My vision is of a world where we all understand that our true self consists of love, awareness and compassion.


Where we all understand that we only behave in non-loving ways if we are feeling disconnected or in emotional pain, whether we are a child or an adult.


Where supportive community is the norm.


Where we are free to love, laugh, and do what we are here to do.


Where babies and children stay connected with their true essence.


Where we can all flourish.


14 years on, and I have seen that this vision is coming into fruition.


The Aware Parenting community has grown hugely.


There are now many thousands of parents devoted to growing and changing themselves, so that they can be the parents their children need them to be.


Yet for several years I have seen that many people who want to become Aware Parenting Instructors have wanted some help in taking the step to become instructors.


And people who are already Instructors wanting more community and support.


And this is why I have created this.


For you.


So that you can go out and share your gifts with families who need help and support and inspiration.


And I feel incredibly joyful to be offering this to you; this support, community, and an extra helping hand in either becoming an instructor, or developing even more as an instructor.


As more and more parents search for something more, I believe that we need more Aware Parenting Instructors offering their gifts, sharing their passion for this way of parenting.


There are so many families out there, simply waiting for hear about Aware Parenting.


They need your help!

Why aren't you yet fully giving your gift, sharing your flavour, shining your light in the world?


Do you feel scared to step out and share about what you love?


Do you worry how people will respond?


Do you look at your own dark days as a parent and wonder how on earth you can be an Instructor?


Do you think that you need to be perfect, or have the perfect family, in order to be an Instructor?


Do you worry that you don't know enough about Aware Parenting, or that you might not know how to help?

Do you need a deeper understanding of Aware Parenting theory and practice?


Would you love more support in your own journey as a parent?


Are you longing for help in stepping past those outworn beliefs that hold you back?


Do you need reassurance that your parenting challenges will become gold as you help other families?


Do you want help to deeply value your own particular flavour and unique gifts?


Would you like support to feel empowered and confident?


Would you like help in finding a family-friendly balance, so that you can be the parent you want to be AND contribute to other families?


Do you want to understand more about the specifics and practicalities, like how to do a consultation, how to run a workshop, how to write newsletters, what to put on a website, and how to gain a group of people who love what you offer?


Do you want to learn more about offering empathy, acceptance and compassion to parents?


Are you wanting support and inspiration in deepening your own practice as a parent?


Do you want to feel a sense of belonging and community?


Would you love to know the theory and practice of Aware Parenting so intimately that you trust that you will give parents just what they need when you talk with them?



Help and inspiration with your feelings and beliefs:

Finding your own flavour, gifts and style of supporting and teaching;

Leaving behind old beliefs about shining and showing up;

How to trust yourself as a vehicle of information;

Connecting with your own vision as a parent and as an Instructor;

Honing your own practice of Aware Parenting at home;

Giving without feeling depleted;

Clarity about combining family life and being an Instructor;

Reframing beliefs about needing to perfect, so that you can see that your challenges become gifts.


Practical help with:

Being your authentic you;

Communicating compassion and acceptance to parents;

Theory and practice of Aware Parenting;


Newsletters and building a list;


Gaining a group of people who love your work;

Running workshops;

Online offerings.

Do you want to know how to read a pre-consultation questionnaire and see clearly what is going on for that family from an Aware Parenting perspective?


Do you want to know how to listen to a parent in the session and know what it is that they are needing in order to make the changes they need to make?


Would you like to know what they might most be needing -  empathy, to understand the theory or the practice of Aware Parenting, to change their beliefs, to look at their own childhood, or believe that they can change?


Do you want to be able to give them empathy so that they feel deeply heard and understood?


Would you like to come away after a session feeling energised and revitalised?

Do you want to run introductory sessions in a way so that people who are new to the ideas don't feel criticised for what they've done in the past?


Would you like to know how to create exercises so that people have have 'aha' experiences about Aware Parenting?


Do you want to help parents really know what it feels like to be a baby or a child?


Would you like to help parents grasp the concepts and practices through actually experiencing that in your teaching?


Do you want to be able to read the energy of a group?


Would you like to be able to explain the key concepts and practices of Aware Parenting in concise, clear and inspiring ways?


Do you want to teach in ways that help parents retain their sense of autonomy and power?


Would you like to feel so secure in your knowledge and understanding of Aware Parenting that you are confident that you can answer a parent's questions?

  • Slideshow Videos with theory, self-reflections and practices

  • Audio versions of the videos so that you can download them and listen as you go about your day

  • Once-a-month FB lives to ask questions, discuss theory and practice, and share your experiences

  • Peer support including private Facebook group

  • Screen videos - so you can actually see me go through a questionnaire, write a newsletter, create Instagram posts, and create a workshop

  • I'll give you my pre-consultation questionnaire

  • You'll get to watch consultations with parents

  • You'll get to practice giving a consultation with each other

  • I'll give you case studies

  • We'll use Attachment Play to help you release your fears about consults or workshops through laughter

  • You'll receive emotional and practical support in your own parenting journey

  • You'll learn from the other course members' parenting experiences

  • You'll be encouraged to read Aletha's books and discuss finer points of theory and practice

  • I'll give you demos ~ such as me teaching an Introduction to Aware Parenting session

Month 1: Begin at the beginning

Your own journey:

Reflecting on your own life story in the context of being an Aware Parenting Instructor;

What is your Self calling you to? What is your unique gift?

Self-enquiry about your birth and first year;

How your wounds have become your gifts.

Aware Parenting Theory:

Studying "The Aware Baby";

The history of Aware Parenting;

Aware Parenting and the first year of a baby's life;

Crying, sleeping and feeding.


What issues parents bring in the first year, and what they need;

Differentiating between hunger and a need for release;

Going through pre-consultation questionnaire.

Action steps:

Vision Board;

Diary - planning your time to do this course.

Month 2: It's All About Choice

Your own journey:

Your relationship to autonomy and choice;

Doing what you should do vs. rebellion.

Aware Parenting Theory:

Studying "The Aware Baby";

Aware Parenting for ages 1-2;

The Balance of Attention.

The whole holding question.


Helping toddlers sleep;

Progression from crying-in-arms to Loving Limits and the Sweet Spot Dance.

More about the questionnaire.


An Introductory Workshop.

Action Steps:

Creating your own questionnaire.

Month 3: Finding Your Voice


What holds you back from speaking your unique voice?

Core beliefs around speaking and self-expression.

Aware Parenting Theory:

Studying "Tears and Tantrums";

2-3 year olds ~ what they say and what they mean;


Empathy and listening.


Really hearing them and what they need;

Offering empathy and compassion.


Speaking your voice;

Listening to participants;

How to teach through the way that you teach.

Action Step:

Writing a Workshop.

Month 4: Going Out Into the World


Memories of ages 3-4; school, separation, friends, peers;

Moving past old beliefs about going out into the world;

Finding your own flavour.

Aware Parenting Theory:

Studying "Tears and Tantrums";

Separation and individuation;

Differentiating between acting out, releasing and dissociation;

Creating emotional safety;

Present Time.


Parents who come to Aware Parenting when their child is 3-4;

Offering compassion and mourning rather than guilt.


Creating your own unique workshops;

Teaching in your own style;

Working through fears around shining and showing up.

Action Steps:

Writing a newsletter; setting up mailchimp.

Month 5: A Joyful Life


Your memories of play as a child;

Your relationship to joy and laughter;

What goes on for you with Attachment Play.

Aware Parenting Theory:

Studying "Attachment Play";

How connection and play create ease for crying;

Finding the sweet spot for laughter;

Which Attachment Play for which issue?


Helping clients release their fears through laughter;

The control pattern game.


How you can run an Attachment Play workshop;

Why tears come quickly in these workshops!

Creating support for participants.


Balancing work and family life;

Timetabling and structuring.

Action Steps:

Setting up your own Attachment Play Practice.

Month 6: Moving Forward


Is anything in the way of you moving forward?

Your own history around moving forward;

Releasing your own fears of moving forward through laughter.

Aware Parenting Theory:

Studying "Attachment Play";

How to combine Present Time, Attachment Play and Loving Limits;

Using Attachment Play to help control patterns shift;

Creating more emotional safety.


Helping them with their issues around play and laughter;

Helping them reframe play - and how this doesn't mean we aren't taking things seriously!

Working with hitting and biting.


Teaching an Attachment Play workshop part 2.


See how I use laughter in workshops and sessions.

Action Step:

Practising consultations with each other.

Month 7: Living Your Vision


What might stop you from living your vision and how can you shift that?

Your family lineage of control patterns;

Your control patterns;

Your child/ren's control patterns.

Aware Parenting Theory:

Studying "Raising Drug-free Kids";

The evolutionary place of control patterns;

The evolution of control patterns in a person's life.


Helping parents see the link between their control patterns and their child's;

Working gently and compassionately with control patterns.


Explaining control patterns;

Why and how to tread gently - (and I'll tell you how I found this out the hard way!)


Your own website;

Action Steps:

Your family's control pattern diary. Moving past control patterns.

Month 8: Sharing Your Gifts


Your own adolescence;

Your relationship to rebellion and conformity;

Beliefs about sharing your gifts with the world.

Aware Parenting Theory:

Studying "Raising Drug-free Kids";


Preventing rebellion or submission;

Helping them claim their true power, inner authority, and self-listening.


Helping children heal from trauma.


Sharing your gifts by being your unique self on social media and in newsletters.

Action Step:

Practising a workshop (if you intend to run them);

Sharing your gifts through social media and newsletters.

Month 9: Let Yourself Flourish


How to flourish as a parent and an instructor;

Reflecting on your relationship with siblings and friends;

Your history as a young adult;

Your individuation and self-actualisation.

Aware Parenting Theory:

Studying "Helping Young Children Flourish";

Sibling rivalry;



Helping parents flourish so that their children can flourish.


Developing your own workshops and online courses.


Providing post-care for clients and workshop attendees;

Gaining a group of people who love your work.

Action Steps:

Creating your plan from here, and sticking to it!

  • 9 monthly FB lives

  • 9 monthly video lessons (also available as audios)

  • 9 monthly playbooks (written material)

  • 9 monthly video tutorials (also available as audios)

  • 9 monthly action steps materials

  • 9 monthly self-reflections

  • Private Facebook group

  • An empathy partnership with someone else on the course

  • 9 monthly group support calls (available as an extra)

  • 9 monthly FB lives

    I completely love our FB lives! This is such a unique opportunity to connect with your community, ask questions, engage more deeply in the month’s material; and share your journey. You’ll be amazed how connected you can feel with other people through simply writing your own experiences, and reading and hearing theirs.

  • 9 monthly video lessons

    I’ll take you through the material in videos of slides, that you can also hear as audios, so that you can take in the information in the way that most suits your learning style. And the self-reflections are such a CORE part of this course; I’ll be taking you through them on the videos, so that you have a sense of me walking beside you.

  • 9 monthly playbooks

    Have all the material in written form, so that you can add your own notes, and refer back to things. They are available both in pdf and Evernote format. Last year, some of the course participants printed them out and had them bound.

  • 9 monthly support calls (available as extras)

    This was the other favourite part for me. Having the opportunity to share deeply with two other participants takes the journey to a whole new level. You get to share your own journey as a parent and an instructor in a supportive and empathic space. You’ll also learn so much from the other participants and their experiences. Just amazing!

  • 9 monthly video tutorials

    Actually see the process in practice – such as videos of my screen as I read through a questionnaire and pick out what’s important. You’ll see me do other things like set up a mailchimp newsletter and send out an Instagram post.

  • 9 monthly action steps materials

    Have the tangible materials in your hands, whether its your planning diary or your family control pattern diary. I give you do-able action steps so that you really do go out into the world and share your gifts more!

Before you click on the 'buy' button, there is something I want from you too!

It's really important to me that the people who choose to do this course are really engaged with it.

I will be asking you to reflect on your own life, in a lot of depth.

It's really important to me that I know how that is going for you.

I ask that if you decide to do this course, that you engage with the other course participants and me on the Facebook group.

And perhaps you're not keen on Facebook - but this really is Facebook with a difference. 

It's a place where everyone on the group, passionate about Aware Parenting, wanting to contribute to parents and children, can connect with each other, share your interests, ask questions, talk about your journey, ask for empathy and support, inspire each other, encourage each other, and show each other your newsletters/websites/projects.

The community is a VITAL part of the course.

And of course, there is no 'have to' here - and there may be times when you go through weeks without connecting with the Facebook group.

And I'm not asking you to be on there every day, or to respond to every post.

But I do ask that all course members introduce yourselves and check in with the group on a regular basis.

The webcasts are part of the course too.

And there is no demand to join in live on every one, but I do also request that you join in live for at least some of them.

So much of the learning comes through participating in the Facebook group and the webcasts.

And if you are also wanting to be in the support calls too, then they are an even higher-octane way of feeling connected with your community! I just LOVED the support calls and the webcasts last year!

I will also pair you up in empathy buddy pairs, and I highly recommend that you connect regularly with your empathy buddy. Having someone else listen to you empathically, someone who understands Aware Parenting and listening compassionately, can make ALL the difference!

So, if you want what I am offering, and you are willing to engage with the group, I would LOVE to see you in the course!

The doors are open again, and although we started on the first of March, I'm going to keep the doors open for a bit longer so you can still join in!

I'd love to join in!I'm paying $99 a month for 9 months

I've been an Aware Parenting Instructor for 11 years, during which time I've written articles that have been published in many magazines, both nationally and internationally.

I've been working with Aware Parenting clients for 11 years - in person and via Skype or phone, from all over the world.

I've been running Introductory workshops to Aware Parenting for most of that time.

In the last few years I have been running workshops on all aspects of Aware Parenting in Byron Bay, the Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne (all in Australia) and am planning workshops in the U.K. one day soon!

I've am a level 2 Aware Parenting Instructor, which means that you can come to a 4 hour workshop of mine and that will count towards your certification requirements.

I have two children; 14 and 10, and have been practising Aware Parenting with them since my daughter was 3 months old (14 years ago as of early 2016).

I've learnt the most about Aware Parenting through my relationships with them. I've learnt from what I practiced diligently and found easy, and as much from my own challenges, sweet spots and edges.

I've been involved in developmental psychology for 25 years.

I have a Ph.D. on the mother-infant relationship from Cambridge University.

I spent most of my twenties in individual therapy as part of my Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy training. I qualified in 1996 and worked for several years as a Psychosynthesis Psychotherapist in private practice.

I also worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Exeter, looking at babies' cognitive abilities, and I taught The Therapeutic Relationship to MA students at Exeter University's Centre for Complementary Health Studies for two years.

After moving to Australia when I was 30, I immersed myself in trainings including HypnoBirthing, Private Subconscious-mind Healing, calm birth, Nonviolent Communication, and also qualified as a Field Project Certified Facilitator and Coach.

I was one of the first people to become an Aware Parenting Instructor in Australia, and am the only Level 2 Aware Parenting Instructor in Australia.

I am passionate about Aware Parenting and its capacity to literally change the world.

I see the huge difference in children who have been brought up in these kinds of ways, having their feelings listened to and valued, and being deeply understood, without punishments, rewards, shame or blame.

I have been through times of finding my own practice of Aware Parenting as a mother effortless, easy and beautiful.

I have also had really rough patches and challenging times, where I have acted in ways towards my children that I deeply regret.

What both of those experiences have given me is a great capacity for compassion for any parent, whatever position they are in.

I believe that given accurate information about babies and children and teens, as well as emotional support for our own painful places, that many many more parents can and will adopt Aware Parenting close to their hearts.

It is my passion to help co-create a world where Aware Parenting and similar modalities are the mainstream parenting paradigm.

And it's my passion to support people like you who want to help spread information about Aware Parenting, and who want to help parents.

Will you join me?

Marion has been an invaluable presence in my life over the past 6 years. From her parenting articles to her amazing personal consultations and the incredible groups she facilitates. Through her I have learned so much about my daughter’s emotions & actions and how to deal with them lovingly, consciously and effectively. And through that, I have learned more about how to deal with my own emotions lovingly, consciously and effectively. Her impact has been far reaching – she has helped me grow into the person I want to be (or rather, come back to the core of who I am), develop myself as a business entrepreneur, strengthen my relationship with my husband, and open my eyes to an amazing way to parent. I have had a number of personal development and business coaches, and none of them have provided the richness, the depth nor the loving compassion or insight that Marion has given me. Mine, and my family’s life is much richer and more connected as a result and I can’t thank you enough Marion!

Helena Mooney,, Aware Parenting Instructor

Marion Rose is the ultimate when it comes to parenting. Her abundance of experience and incredible wisdom, allowed such transformation and awareness around my own unique parenting journey. Her compassion and empathy touched my soul. Her work is unique, brilliant and life changing.

Lael Stone,, Aware Parenting Instructor

Marion is an inspiration, not only in the way that she lives her life, but also in the way that she shares her wisdom. Her beautiful, calm nature exudes warmth for every person that she meets. She truly sees the beauty in everyone. She wants people to shine. She inspires people to share their gifts with the world. In her consultations and workshops she empowers, shares knowledge, presence and unconditional love - inspiring each individual to find their own path. She is a guiding light in the Aware Parenting community in Australia and all over the world. On a personal level, Marion has been my mentor for over 3-years and inspired me in my parenting journey. She is such a voice of reason and compassion, as well as being full of knowledge, wisdom and strength. I love her as a person, as a mentor and as a friend. I feel so blessed to have her in my life.

Georgie Bancroft, Ph.D.,, Aware Parenting Instructor

It’s taken me a month to try and find the words to express how grateful I am to Marion Rose. I’m on a quest to heal and Marion’s listening has been more effective than anything I’ve done. I’ve seen three counsellors in my life and I can say Marion has helped me heal more in two hours than they’ve managed in many months of therapy. Marion makes me feel totally heard, totally me and that everything I say is important so I can come to the healing in my own time. Thank you Marion. You’ve helped my family enormously.

Emma Rogers Dumas,, Aware Parenting Instructor

My husband and I began using an Aware Parenting approach with Charlie, when she was 6 weeks old. When she was around 4 months old, I sourced two months of invaluable and life changing intensive support from Marion Rose. From these early times, my passion for Aware Parenting grew. Over the past four years, I've had many sessions with Marion, who I see as a truly wonderful friend, mentor and someone who has been such a profound support and life influence for me. I highly recommend all that she has to offer.

Emma Mason , Aware Parenting Instructor

Over the years Marion has been a great inspiration to me in the way I parent through who I am being. I admire so much, Marion's ability to bring focus to what is simple and real for me. Sometimes it just seems too simple having emerged from a jumble of thoughts but those light bulb moments are always profound. Instantly shifting the way I am being in the world and everything else corresponds. I'm grateful for many things including the inspired confidence to be in the world as an Aware Parenting Instructor.

Brett Darnesh,, Aware Parenting Instructor

Oh Marion, thank you so much for helping me become an Aware Parenting Instructor. I really enjoyed our "Instructor-to-be Workshop" and learned a lot. Practical, straightforward and nicely tailored to the audience. I also really thank you for your ongoing support; you are always available when I need your advice - for structuring workshops, dealing with specific parenting situations, and also helping me on my parenting journey!

Martina Tyleckova, Aware Parenting Instructor

Ever since I found out about Aware Parenting, almost 5 years ago, I felt drawn to become an instructor. Last year when I saw  Marion offering her Aware Parenting Instructor mentoring course I thought I could join at some point, some year….. Then one day I had the thought: `Why someday? Why not now? That morning I switched on the computer and I had a look at what Marion offered in her course. This part touched me the most: "Do you feel scared to step out and share about what you love? Do you worry how people will respond? Do you think that you need to be perfect, or have the perfect family, in order to be an Instructor? I joined the course, and now a year later I am working on my application to become an instructor and hope to send it out by the end of next week!

Vivian Viester, Aware Parenting Instructor

Doing the Aware Parenting Instructor Mentoring Course gave me much more than I paid for. Lots of learning and growth! There are lots of incredibly rich material, webcasts and monthly support calls, we also have a beautiful, safe and supportive Facebook community. Marion Rose is a gift to parents, her approach is the most empowering that I've ever experienced, she really values and supports everybody's unique journey. Her loving and compassionate ways have touched me deeply. You can do the course focusing on working towards your certification and professional work or because you have a call to work with parents even though you may not quite know yet exactly how and you enter this as a journey of self-discovery to get clarity and focus for your vision. What I've learnt doing this course will stay with me and it has helped my parenting too!

Rosa, Aware Parenting Instructor-to-be

You have played such a pivotal role in my journey and have supported me through all of my Aware Parenting learning and education.

Natalie Daniels,, Aware Parenting Instructor

I have used Aware Parenting in my family for 9 years now so the progression to becoming an instructor was the next step for me. The Aware Parenting Instructor Mentoring Course was beyond my expectations though, it was so comprehensive and I loved how Marion was so willing to include what we needed as we went along. The course really covered all the areas needed in becoming an instructor and the support calls and webcasts created the most supportive and inspiring peer community.

Jackie, Aware Parenting Instructor-to-be

I cannot even begin to find the words of gratitude that I feel for all that you have taught me and inspire in me this year. I feel so blessed to have met you and to have been a part of your very first AWPIMC. I'd love for you to know that my son, and my husband and I have gained so much from everything it has offered from the content, to the support calls, the webinars (even though I didn't always make it in person) and the Facebook group. However, Marion, I mostly want to share that it has been your beautiful soul that has made such an impact on me this year. You are one of a very few people in my life that I feel so safe to be around and express my deepest fears or worries to, or my intuitive thoughts. You have always made me feel so loved, valued, accepted and heard. Your love and passion in holding such a space for me (and many others) bestowed the greatest gift for me this year, which I can say I have truly embodied in such a way that I will NEVER look back. That is the gift of a fierce love and compassion for myself, and an acceptance of myself at a level that I've never had before. You helped me understand how to identify my unmet needs and helped me understand that I have a right to have my needs met, whether it was through myself or through support from another... Some of the loving and compassionate belief systems that you have role modelled to us (both personally and professionally) were my guiding beacon of what is possible.... Marion, you've showed me in many ways, how by being your authentic self and sharing your gifts, you can influence others in the most subtle yet profound ways. So thank you... from the bottom of my heart. I'm forever grateful. xxx

Tammie, Aware Parenting-instructor-to-be

Doing the AWPIMC has been one of the most profound training experiences I have had. It has stirred and helped me in every area of my life, but at my pace, whenever I was ready for it. The material is abundant, the growth triggered is deep, and the way it is delivered makes it convenient and easy for busy mums and professionals. I also absolutely relish the connections created through the Facebook group. I am truly happy to have done it.

Maira,, Aware Parenting Instructor-to-be

Marion's wealth of experience with Aware Parenting shines through in the AWPIMC. She has really thought through everything there is to prepare you to become and Aware Parenting Instructor. From sharing your gifts (including your past pains), coming out into the world, discovering your own sweet spots and how to heal from them, understanding control patterns for our own child as well as ours, and so much more, There was one module on attachment play that has given me a breakthrough to play with my daughters. She has also given real life examples in that course, that made it so much easier to understand when applying the theories of Aware Parenting. AWPIMC has helped me deepen my understanding and application of Aware Parenting philosophy not only in my family, but also the relationship between adults, and empathising with mothers (clients) I support in my work on a whole new level. I have received lots of feedback that I am a great listener, and that I offer support which not only is empathetic to the child but also the flustered family! It's one of the skills that I have gotten better at as a direct result from the course. I have gained a priceless amount of value from this course. It has been such a blessing to have Marion in my life, as she continues to share her wisdom and insights about honouring ourselves as mothers and the incredible compassion we have for our children. I am forever grateful to Marion.

Sarah Ong,, Sleep consultant

I have truly gained so much from Marion's AWPIMC. She not only expertly guided me through the theoretical components of Aware Parenting, but also guided me through an experience of personal growth and understanding that I could not have anticipated! The most powerful way she did this was by embodying her own truths, and in doing so, gave us permission to do the same. I have come away from the course with a greater understanding of myself, and how I want to be in the world, and with a greater awareness of how I am as a parent, and how to navigate all the gifts and challenges my children provide. Thank you Marion!

Lyra L'Estrange, Ph.D., Aware Parenting Instructor

I have found this course to be so thorough, insightful and inspiring in helping my path to become an Instructor. Not only that, but it has also greatly helped me on a personal level as well, through all the wonderful self reflections offered throughout the course. Marion is one of the most compassionate, empathetic and generous people I have ever had the pleasure of working with, and meeting. She has been the most supportive mentor to me, and I would highly recommend her to anyone. If you are thinking about doing this course, and need a sign; this is your sign. It will be a wonderful decision and will change your life for the better.

Stephanie Fleeton,, Aware Parenting Instructor

Marion’s course has been a wonderfully inspiring learning journey for me which has enhanced my work no end! I had been working with similar approaches to Aware Parenting in my sleep work for a while, so I was excited to find Marion’s Instructor course, which would give me the opportunity to enhance my understanding and depth of knowledge. Embarking on Marion’s Aware parenting  course was a bit of a risk as I had little spare time for more courses. However, one of the great aspects of Marion’s course is the timing and pacing. The course is paced over 9 months, and there’s no pressure to ‘keep up’ ,  learning can be self paced and information easily accessible. Because the information was presented in bite sized pieces, I found myself delving in and really enjoying absorbing the information and taking time over the sections that I found particularly fascinating. Not only does the course cover the theory of Aware Parenting, it covers all the skills and requirements that may be involved in teaching Aware Parenting and being an instructor. The online discussion opportunities and group meetings were also empowering learning opportunities for reflection, developing listening and support skills. All in all, I’m so glad I took the course – its inspiring and empowering, as well as deeply emotive at times of self reflection. It has enhanced my work on all levels. I can’t recommend Marion’s course highly enough. Thank you Marion Rose!

Ann Caird, Sleep Consultant

My experience of completing Marion's Aware parenting Instructor mentoring course was one of profound AWP immersion. The opportunity to have 9 months of structured AWP content, self reflection and a community of women to share, listen and learn from was an invaluable opportunity.

When I commenced the course I had no plans of becoming an instructor, the value of the course for me centred on the opportunity to immerse myself in the theory and create a space where i could dive deeper into AWP areas.

The monthly group calls were a precious surprise, they were safe and supportive environments where all participants dived deep, sharing their authentic selves. I would step away from the calls feeling so grateful to have participated in a sacred space, where we all shed layers of pain, doubt and sadness and gained mountains of validation, empathy and courage to walk our dream paths.

In this space I learnt about the power of solidarity and the power of having a village of like minded women who truly focused on nurturing one another.

All of the above is facilitated by Marion with so much grace, sensitivity and trust, respecting each and everyone's journeys. I highly recommend this course for all mothers interested in diving deeper and increasing their understanding of the AWP philosophy.

After completing the course I identified attachment play as an area for further learning, once this was achieved I experienced a big surge of passion and excitement about becoming an instructor, which I recently achieved.

Carolina, Aware Parenting Instructor

Marion is one of the most empathic, compassionate and authentic women I know. Her passion for Aware Parenting and her vision for mentoring AWP Instructors across Australia is truly contagious and inspirational. Marion shares all her years of experience and knowledge so abundantly.

I found the AWPIMC such a professional and in-depth course which dove deep into every aspect of preparing me to become a certified AWP Instructor. Marion went above and beyond in the incredible toolkit of resources included in each month of the course.

I felt incredibly held, nourished and supported throughout every step by Marion.

I feel so grateful for the amazing foundation Marion has provided with this course and how it deepened my own understanding and confidence in myself to become a certified instructor.

This course is transformative and nourishing and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Francesca Redden, Aware Parenting Instructor
  • q-iconWhen does it start?

    The next one starts on the first of March 2017, but I have kept the doors open so that you can still join in, and you still have life-time access to all 9 months of material!

  • q-iconHow long does it go for?

    9 months, but you can take as long as you need to complete the material.

  • q-iconWill you run it again next year?


  • q-iconIs it for people who want to become Aware Parenting Instructors, or people who are already Instructors?

    Both! If you want to become an Aware Parenting Instructor, this is designed for you. If you are already an Aware Parenting Instructor, this is designed for you too! And some parents do it who don’t want to be instructors but want to dive deep into Aware Parenting!

  • q-iconWill I be certified as an Aware Parenting Instructor by the end?

    PLEASE READ THIS. This course DOES NOT count towards your certification as an Aware Parenting Instructor. To find out about certification requirements, have a look here. However, it will help you with being very clear about the theory and the practice, clearing your own way to shine, and with the practicalities such as giving consultations and workshops. You can find out if Aletha Solter is giving a workshop in your country by looking here. If you want me to come and run a 4 hour workshop (wherever you are in the world), and are happy to organise it, I’ll come! You can also find out if there is a level 2 Instructor in your country by clicking here and looking for the red stars.

  • q-iconWill I need to buy all of Aletha's books?

    Reading through all of Aletha’s books is part of the course. However, that is one of the certification requirements, so if you are not certified and want to be, you will need to read them all anyway.

  • q-iconWill I get support on my own parenting journey?

    Yes! Your own journey as a parent is central to you being an Aware Parenting Instructor. There will be the Facebook group, and a webcast. You can upgrade if you want to have a monthly group support call or a monthly individual session with me.

  • q-iconI don't want to run workshops. Can I miss out those bits?

    This is so much about tailoring this to your own journey. If a part of this is not relevant for you, feel free to miss it out. There is plenty more to occupy you.

  • q-iconWill I get to practice giving consultations?

    Yes, you will get a chance to practice with your peers on the course.

  • q-iconDo I get individual support from you?

    I offer support on the Facebook group (I aim to reply to every post!) but one on one sessions are not part of the course. You can upgrade if you would like that extra support and encouragement.

  • q-iconI'm worried that it will take up too much time.

    As a single mother of two homeschooled kids, I know how precious your time is. I aimed to make all the information concise, but I also make it comprehensive. You can take your own time with this – if you want to take more than 9 months to do it; you are so welcome to do that. (You have life-time access to the course). There will also be elements on time management as part of the course.

  • q-iconI don't know if I can afford it. Do you offer any special rates?

    In the first year, half of the participants had scholarships. In the second year there were a few, and for the third year the scholarships have already been claimed.

  • q-iconDoes Aletha Solter approve of this course?

    Yes, Aletha does fully approve of this course. AND I want to remind you that doing the course DOES NOT COUNT TOWARDS YOUR ACCREDITATION AS AN AWARE PARENTING INSTRUCTOR.

  • q-iconIs it just for people in Australia?

    No, it is for people all over the world. I time the FB Lives to make it as do-able as possible for everyone.

  • It's for you if you wholeheartedly agree with the theory and practice of Aware Parenting

  • It's for you if you have been practising Aware Parenting with your family

  • It's for you if you are familiar with all the basic concepts of Aware Parenting - such as that babies and children heal from stress and trauma through connection, crying-with-support, and laughter

  • It's for you if you love to keep learning and growing

  • It's for you if you are willing to look at yourself, and your relationship to your feelings and beliefs

  • It's for you if you are willing to be part of a supportive, compassionate, celebratory community

  • It's for you if you are willing to give encouragement and support to the others on the course

  • It's for you if you want to help other families in compassionate and accepting ways

  • It's for you if you want to find your niche and flavour as an Aware Parenting Instructor

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  • It's not for you if you have doubts about the theory and practice of Aware Parenting

  • It's not for you if you don't agree with some aspects of Aware Parenting

  • It's not for you if you are brand new to Aware Parenting - this course requires a basic working knowledge of Aware Parenting. (I recommend starting with my Making Friends with Children's Feelings Course!)

  • This isn't for you if you have no intention of offering support to other parents (if you are wanting an advanced level course on Aware Parenting, I recommend my Living Aware Parenting Course!)

  • It's not for you if you aren't willing to enquire into your own uncomfortable feelings or your own infancy, childhood and teenage years.

  • It's not for you if you aren't willing to take steps towards living your vision.

  • It's not for you if you are into arguing with others, or being judgmental towards or competitive with other course members. I am passionate about co-creating a supportive, inspiring, encouraging community and require that as a standard for us all in the course.

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The doors are open again for a start on the 1st of March!

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I'd love to join in!I'm paying AUD$99 a month for 9 months

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